TEX-60 Oscilloscope Probe X1:X10 DC to 60 MHz
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TEX60 - DC to 60MHz X1:X10 Oscilloscope Probe

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The TEX60 is a passive high impedance oscilloscope probe designed and calibrated for use on instruments with an input impedance of 1 MOhm shunted by 15 pF.

However, the TEX60 can be low-frequency adjusted to work with instruments having an input capacitance anywhere between 10 to 50 pF. Users can further fine-tune the probe by using the two incorporated high-frequency trimming adjustments within the adjustment box near the standard BNC connection.

The probe body features a two position slide switch to select either an attenuation of x1 or x10.

Accessories include: a hook-tip adapter, a ground-lead clip, a probe compensation adjustment tool, two probe tip caps, and two probe identifier clips, all neatly packaged with the TEX60 probe in a clear pouch.

X10 Setting
Attenuation Ratio
DC to 60 MHz
Rise Time
Input Resistance
10 MOhm w/ 1 Mohm oscilloscope input
Input Capacitance
15 pF
Compensation Range
10 to 50 pF
Working Voltage
600 VDC incl. peak AC derating w/ frequency
X1 Setting
Attenuation Ratio
DC to 15 MHz
Rise Time
Input Resistance
1 Mohm oscilloscope input
Input Capacitance
46 pF plus oscilloscope capacitance
Working Voltage
600 VDC incl. peak AC derating w/ frequency
General Specifications
Cable Length
1.2 Meter


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