TEX-R750 - RF Demodulator Probe, 100 kHz to 750 MHz
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TEX-R750 - RF Demodulator Probe, 100 kHz to 750 MHz

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The TEXR750 is a radio frequency demodulator (rectifying) probe designed and calibrated for use on instruments having an input impedance of 10 Mohm shunted by 5 pF.

This convenient demodulator probe is ideal for viewing modulation of unidirectional radio frequency signals on most general purpose oscilloscopes and digital multimeters using a standard BNC connection.

Features an included accessory BNC to probe-tip adapter.

Accessories include: a hook-tip adapter, a ground-lead clip, a BNC to probe tip adapter, two probe tip caps, and two probe identifier clips, all neatly packaged with the TEXR750 probe in a clear pouch.

Performance Specifications
Diode Actuator Voltage
250 mV
100 kHz to 750 MHz +/- 3db
Input Resistance
10 MOhm w/ DMM or oscilloscope input
Input Capacitance
5 pF
Compensation Range
5 to 30 pF
Working Voltage
200 VDC, 50 veffHF Voltage
General Specifications
Cable Length
1.2 Meter


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