TEX-QP - "QuickProbe" Probe Holder for SMD Test Connections
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TEX-QP - "QuickProbe" Probe Holder for SMD Test Connections

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Product Details

Once you position your probe, it stays there.

The QuickProbe is a versatile, inexpensive way to add accuracy and stability to your SMD test connections. With a QuickProbe you can easily position your test probe with precision and reliability.

Accessories include: Standard Probe Tip Mount, Tip, and QuickClips. **Other tips are available separately.


Key Features

  • Flexible shaft lets you position your oscilloscope probe precisely where you want it.
  • Weighted non-skid base keeps your probe securely in position.
  • No more temporary soldered leads that cause costly board damage.
  • Probe adjacent contacts with ease and accuracy.


How it works:

Watch the QuickProbe in action:

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