TEX-25A - Automotive Ignition High Voltage Probe
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TEX-25A - Automotive Ignition High Voltage Probe

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The high voltages involved in secondary ignition systems can make test measurements by direct connection a challenge. Direct connection can be awkward and almost certainly create situations that may damage expensive measuring instruments.

The TEX25A offers the benefit of monitoring live electrical system performance using an indirect inductive / capacitive connection that simply connects around the insulation of an ignition circuit component such as a plug wire. High voltage potentials are accurately divided and can be displayed on your shop oscilloscope.

Suitable for use with conventional, HEI, and DIS ignition systems.

Probe body constructed of a shielded 9 foot heavy duty coaxial lead, with a reinforced standard BNC connection, and a 24 inch clamp-on grounding lead.

This high voltage probe is designed for use by trained professionals. DO NOT work alone when probing high voltage circuits.

Works similar to a current clamp, not for direct metal-to-metal contact!


X100 Setting
Attenuation Ratio
Typical Application
5 V/cm range becomes 50kV/cm
General Specifications
Cable Length
3 Meter (9 feet)


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