TEX-250HV - DC to 250MHz X100 Higher Voltage Probe
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TEX-250HV - DC to 250MHz X100 Higher Voltage Probe

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The TEX-250HV is a passive high voltage passive oscilloscope probe designed and calibrated for use on instruments with an input impedance of 1 MOhm shunted by 15 pF.

However, the TEX-250HV can be low-frequency adjusted to work with instruments having an input capacitance anywhere between 10 to 50 pF. Users can further fine-tune the probe by using the two incorporated high-frequency trimming adjustments within the adjustment box near the standard BNC connection.

This high voltage probe is designed for use by trained professionals. DO NOT work alone when probing high voltage circuits.

Maximum working voltage is 1,200 Volts (DC + Peak AC).

Accessories include: a hook-tip adapter, a ground-lead clip, a probe compensation adjustment tool, an IC ground sprung adapter, two probe tip caps, and two probe identifier clips, all neatly packaged with the TEX-250HV probe in a clear pouch.

X100 Setting
Attenuation Ratio
DC to 250 MHz
Rise Time
Input Resistance
100 MOhm w/ 1 Mohm oscilloscope input
Input Capacitance
6.5 pF
Compensation Range
10 to 50 pF
Working Voltage
1,200 VDC (DC + Peak AC)
General Specifications
Cable Length
1.3 Meter


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