EasySplicer Field Ready Fusion Splicer Kit
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EasySplicer Field Ready Fusion Splicer Kit

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Easy Splicer Field Ready Kit

Ready for life in the Field.
The Easy Splicer is designed for FTTx service with its rugged design, easy to operate interface, color anti-glare screen, and quickly rechargeable 40 splice battery.

Affordable doesn't mean cheap.
Unlike many of the recent new to market competitors you have seen, the Easy Splicer has been designed to be affordable without sacrificing quality. Fiber splicing technicians of any skill level will enjoy the simplified interface and low maintenance design.

Utilizing V-groove holders, the Easy Splicer can splice like-to-like Single-Mode or Multi-Mode fiber. What is most impressive is the consistent 0.03 splice results arc-after-arc from a V-groove design.

Low Maintenance
The high efficiency electrodes boast a 2000 arc replacement cycle, enabling technicians to complete large jobs on the same pair.

Keeping the unit clean is made much easier with it's exclusive no-mirror design, instead utilizing a brighter, more modern LED source for direct lit microscopic viewing.

The internal long life battery pack will last 40 splices and is quickly rechargeable.

EasySplicer Kit includes:

  • EasySplicer Hand-held Arc-Fusion Splicer, made by SB Scandinavia
  • V-groove Pair of Single Mode and Multimode Fiber Holders
  • Built-in Sleeve Shrink Oven
  • Cleaver and Fiber Stripper Tools
  • Power Supply Unit and USB Cable
  • Users Manual and SD Card
  • Carrying Case
  • Field Cleaning Kit
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